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to Prince George Ghostly Walks

Want to know what we're about? Looking for Tickets? Have a question you might need answered?

You came to the right place. 

Discover the HAUNTED History

Walk Schedule for the 2024 Season

Two Walks a night starting at 7:00pm and 8:30pm

June: 28th &  29th

July: 26th & 27th

August: 23rd & 24th

October: 4th, 5th, 11th, 12th,  25th & 26th

HALLOWEEN NIGHT: 90 Minute SPECIAL walk. Win one of three books!

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Experience the Chills of
Prince George's Past
and learn about the
Ghosts of its Present

Ian Gibbs, Author, Tour Guide

Ian Gibbs

Your Experienced Tour Guide

What we are all about: 

Join us on a thrilling one-hour Ghostly Walk through the haunted downtown of Prince George. 

Your tour guide and host, Ian Gibbs, is the author of  four books of Ghostly Tales, Co-hosts a paranormal podcast (Ghosts 'N Bears)  and led Ghost Walks for over ten years. 

When it comes to Ghost Stories, he knows the true tales of the history and the mystery.

Ian  will weave together ghost stories and historical facts to bring the city's haunted past to life. Discover the spooky secrets and hidden history of Prince George on this unforgettable tour. Get ready to explore the eerie and the unexplained in BC's Northern Capital.

 No matter the weather, the tour will go ahead, so dress accordingly. 

Book now and join us on Prince George Ghostly Walks!

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Do you know which building still has a husband and wife keeping a watchful eye on their store? 

Do you know which restaurant has a beautiful and very friendly woman still reaching out to residents?

Do you know which building you should most definitely avoid at night? 

You will once you join us and experience PG Ghostly Walks.

To purchase tickets for an upcoming walk, please click the ticket button to get to our booking page which will let you choose your dates.

Walks are $15 a person.

The extra long Halloween Night walk: $20 

Please Note: First Walks are on selected weekends during the summer months and most weekends during the month of October. 


Can my kids come on this walk? What about my dog? 


Children are welcome, but the stories do include some gore and sexual themes. Only you know what is appropriate for your child, so please use your discretion.    Leashed, polite dogs are always welcome to come along. Pets are often more sensitive than humans and may pick up on energy that we won't! 


It's raining/snowing/cold/blowy, Will the walk still happen? 

Yes. I'm not made of spun sugar and will dress for the weather that is expected or coming.  You should too!  It's a shame to miss out on some great stories because you got too cold or wet!  If the weather is just too extreme for you,.....see the next question. 


We can't make it!  Can we get a refund? 

Sometimes plans change and while we can't offer refunds we are more than happy to reschedule you for another tour. Must be used within 12 months of original purchase. Pro-tip: Don't drink too much at dinner, so you can't walk straight. It happens.


Will we see actual Ghosts? Will anyone jump out at us? 

We can't guarantee ghosts, they do their own thing, but we can let you know where you might find one and you'll learn some great history and a little more about the Northern Capital. That being said we take no responsibility for anyone who finds a ghost has followed them home. 

No, no one will jump out at you, at least no one with the tour. We're not that kind of tour, we're all about the stories, not the jump-scares. 

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